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Aerial Photography

Elevate your vision with our aerial cinematography

Flying a Drone

MDP, Michigan Drone Photos specializes in aerial photography services utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), catering to various industries such as real estate, special events, as well as industrial inspections and construction mapping and updates.

Who We Are


Capture stunning aerial views of properties with our real estate drone footage for impactful marketing.


Create unforgettable memories with our special event drone footage for weddings, parties, and more.

Construction & Inspections

Efficiently inspect industrial sites with our drone footage for precise data collection and risk reduction

Our Mission

At MDP (Michigan Drone Photos), we are dedicated to achieving our customers' vision by gaining a comprehensive understanding of their creative aspirations. Our commitment to comprehending our clients' specific needs allows us to deliver exceptional results that exceed their expectations.

What Our Clients Say

"Add a testimonial and showcase positive feedback from a happy client or customer."
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